Introducing… Our DJs

Benjamin Lee, Seoul

Benjamin is a traditional tango DJ and also an enthusiastic social tango dancer. He started to dance tango since 2009 and started tango DJing since 2011. He has been playing music regularly at the popular milongas in Seoul and invited to many local events in Korea.

Benjamin has also been invited to various international tango events in various cities – Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh, Milano, New Orleans, Riga, Lviv and Portugal. He loves the traditional Golden Age tango songs and tries to select the songs very suitable for dancing with good energy. Respecting the great songs of main popular orchestras and the emotion of dancers in milonga, he tries to play the right tandas for each certain moments. He always tries to help dancers to be naturally and comfortably immersed in the flow of emotion.

Nao Noguchi, Tokyo

Nao is a freelance DJ and professional tango teacher based in Tokyo. She has regular classes and organizes milongas with her partner Leon Noguchi. She started her DJ career from 2012. She has been invited as DJ for various milongas and events in Tokyo and overseas. Her music selection capturing the feeling of dance has gained her many fans among tangueros and tangueras all over Asia. The dancers who join Tango Affair will be under the spell of her music for sure…

Events where Nao has been invited to DJ include:

  • 2015: Planet Tango: A Global Embrace
  • 2016: Javier Rodriguez & Moira Castellano in Tokyo Gran Milonga
  • 2017: La Media Luna Tango Marathon 2017; Ruben y Sabrina veliz in Hong Kong Gran Milonga
  • 2018: Encuentro Milonguero en Seoul 2018; Andres Laza Moreno & Luciana Arregui Farewell Milonga 2018; La Media Luna Tango Marathon 2018; Beijing Tango Marathon 2018; Javier & Fatima in Tokyo Gran Milonga

and of course… 2019: Tango Affair in Kuala Lumpur! ❤

Nathalie Cheng, Hong Kong

Nathalie has been a tango DJ and Bandoneon promoter since 2010. She is also the founder of an official charity organization in Hong Kong. In 2017, for a charitable purpose, she organized the 1st Festivalito de Tango en Hong Kong as well as many tango charity events with the local tango community regularly for children project of Buenos Aires and Hong Kong.

As an active DJ in Hong Kong, she has been invited to go to Beijing, Seoul, Singapore and Buenos Aires as a guest DJ.  With more than 10 years of experience in dancing tango, Nathalie always arranges music from the perspective of the dancer.

Don Ferrin, U.S. / Singapore

“DJ Don Don Don”947336_10153588066417865_1108475140713530356_n

A traditional Golden Age DJ, Don focuses intense effort on tanda creation, aiming to craft a poem or story from the most beautiful and danceable songs of a given orquesta and period. Then, in the milonga, he loves managing the ebb and flow of energy from tanda to tanda over the course of the entire evening to keep dancers entranced in the current tanda and breathless about what comes next. One of Singapore’s favourite tango DJs, Don Ferrin regularly spins his tandas at milongas both local and overseas. Festival and marathon appearances include the Salida del Sol Danang Tango Marathon, Manila Tango Festival and Championship, the Bali Tango Festival.

Before tango, Don was a classically-trained pianist who enjoyed playing Romantic-period composers such as Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, and Scriabin, and even dabbled in progressive rock, playing keyboards in LA clubs in the 1980s with his prog rock band “Facelift.” But when he discovered tango in 2006, he was so captivated that he gave away his piano, lost all interest in prog, and completely gave himself over to tango music and dance. Don is happiest when, at the end of a milonga, tangueros and tangueras tell him that they couldn’t bear to sit out even one of his tandas.


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